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I wanted to personally thank you for the superior job, workmanship, and quality you and your crew provided for us recently.  I was simply dreading the renovation of our metal fabrication building and exhausted several sources trying to get the roof and exterior panels replaced. I feel very lucky to have become acquainted with you and your company.


Our 35 year old building now "shines" like it did when it was new. The roof panels and interior insulation also provide a brighter and more pleasing working environment. The improvements and additions to the welding "pit" added to the curb appeal.


It was a pleasure having you, Jack, and your crew with us during this renovation.  You made it very easy for us and our employees.  All of us sincerely appreciate your company and the improvements provided by you and your team.


Thanking you, and with best regards,




Raymond R. Armstrong, President



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